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  • Minimalist Poster Quote Rumi
  • Minimalist Poster Quote Rumi
  • Rumi Minimalist Poster Quote
  • Minimalist Poster Quote Rumi
  • Minimalist Poster Quote Rumi
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Article #: 01029

"Life is a balance of holding on and letting go."
- Rumi

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Inspired by one of Rumi's most beautiful quotes, this illustration depicts a caterpillar holding on to a branch which will inevitably become the butterfly sailing above.

This print is drawn first by hand using pen and ink and then digitally rendered. It is outputted on the finest archival paper. A superior matte finish with a heavy basis weight of 240gsm.

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About this series
I look for quotes that not only provided a great visual to play off of, but that speak to life in general. It's crucial that each quote has a deep meaning to it so the viewer can relate. Once chosen, I spend hours toiling over ways to 
conveys it's exact meaning and represent it in the most minimal way.

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