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Segway Ninebot Electric Scooter Max G30

Segway Ninebot Electric Scooter Max G30

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Featuring the longest range of 65 km (40 miles) within its class, robust 10-inch pneumatic tyres, and one-push folding frame, the Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30 is here to spark riders with a more dependable and comfortable riding experience.
The moment you press down the electrical throttle, the immense 350 W motor momentum will leave you wanting more. The Ninebot KickScooter can climb slopes around 20 %, allowing it to go uphill easily. Rear-wheel drive offers a better solution to acceleration stability and power efficiency.

Not only the upgraded 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres feature will provide you pleasant rides, but you will also experience less maintenance: the single tube is provided with an additional jelly layer to the tyre for low puncture risk. The large wheel diameter (9 inches) together with the cruise control option will guarantee a comfortable riding experience. In addition to that, the handlebar has high quality and durable grips with levers differentiated by contrasting colours.

Smart Battery Management 551 Wh big capacity lithium batteries are smart and safe. The smart BMS closely monitor the battery status with multiple protection mechanisms such as short circuit protection, two-way charging and discharging protection, overcurrent protection and temperature protection , to ensure battery safety and extend its service life.


Maximum Speed 25 km/h
Maximum Range 65 km
Motor Power 350 W
Speed Modes 3
Cruise Control Settings Yes
Battery Recharging Time 6 hours
Battery Capacity 551 Wh (15300 mAh
Water Resistance Engine IPX7 and Body IPX5
Suspension None
Wheel Type Tubeless Pneumatic Tyres
Wheel Size 25.4cm / 10 inch front&rear
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Full Coloured Info Dashboard Display

On the coloured LED screen, you can see your driving speed, select which driving mode is suitable, check the battery level and the Bluetooth connectivity, or if maintenance is needed.

Regenerative Brake for Power Recycle

The innovative regenerative brake system turns Ninebot KickScooter into an electric vehicle powered by electricity and recycled energy from riding. Energy will be collected from regenerative braking and distributed when you need a boost.

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