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bird one electric scooter

bird one electric scooter

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The Bird One is one of the most extensively tested e-scooters available today. Developed for the rigours of the rental market and now available for private owners, the Bird One delivers truly premium, reliable, stylish e-scooting.

With up to 40km (25mi)* of range delivered by a combination of a large capacity battery and intelligent, regularly updated firmware, the Bird One is designed to get you to your destination, reliably, and back home again on a single charge. Its highly-tested 300W rated motor can power the rider up to 29km/h (18mph), while Bird owners can take advantage of the Bird connected app and intelligent brain housed in the stem of the handlebar.

Built to the highest safety and manufacturing standards, the Bird One frame is constructed of strong steel-reinforced aluminium with a large grippy deck for a reliable, high quality ride that can tackle rain showers. The large 9in wheels are fitted with semisolid tyres, offering a blend of maintenance-free puncture proof-ness and a smooth, responsive ride.

Our Bird e-scooters are exclusive UK stock and come with a 2-year limited UK warranty: 2 years coverage on the e-scooter body, 6 months on the electronics and 30 days on wear and tear components.

The Bird One features the most advanced electronics in the industry. It’s ‘brain’, housed in the top of the stem, features Bluetooth, GSM and GPS connectivity, which makes it the most connected e-scooter on the planet.

Originally developed to help rental riders locate Bird One e-scooters in their local area, Bird’s companion app offers complete control over their e-scooter. Riders can switch on and off their e-scooter via their smartphone, remote lock their device, receive notifications if it’s been tampered with, receive regular over-the-air firmware updates, while offering the ability to remote diagnose and update firmware issues. They can even remote unlock it to enable friends to use it too!

The Bird One was built for rideshare schemes across the world from its leading design centre in Culver City, California, and now you can benefit from that development path too. Bird’s engineers have taken their time to fine-tune the Bird One with learnings from the hardest testing grounds across five continents, in addition to building it accordance with 31 separate safety and quality certifications, so that you can rely upon your e-scooter day-in, day-out.

With a 300W front wheel motor tuned to excel in diverse urban terrains, the Bird One delivers truly refined performance. With a 29km/h (18mph) top speed, the motor is able to scale climbs, while the large capacity battery means that you shouldn’t need to worry about getting back home on a single charge. An electronic front brake marries to a rear mechanical brake for efficient, controllable slowing, and the IP34 rating and supported warranty means that you can take the Bird One out in showery conditions.

Top Speed: 18 mph / 29 km/h

Optimum range: 25 miles / 40 km

Motor Power: 300 W

Speed Modes: 1

Cruise Control Setting: No

Charge Time: 6 hours

Battery: 12800 mAh, 12.8 Amp-Hr

Climbing Angle: 17% / 10°

Water Resistance: IP34-rated, splash-proof but not waterproof. Can use in light rain and drive through puddles but not immerse in water or expose to heavy rain.

Front Wheel Type: Solid Semi-Pneumatic

Rear Wheel Type: Solid Semi-Pneumatic

Front Wheel Size: 9 inches / 22.8 cm

Rear Wheel Size: 9 inches / 22.8 cm

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