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Bexly Blackhawk Pro 60V Electric Scooter

Bexly Blackhawk Pro 60V Electric Scooter

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Bexly Blackhawk Pro 60V

The 2021 BLACKHAWK PRO is one of the most advanced high-performance E- scooters in the country. The Blackhawk Pro is the do-all scooter, jam packed with all the performance needed for the Australian conditions - More power, better handling, bigger brakes, and an all new HEX diamond display!


Range: Up to 64Kms

Top Speed: 75Km/hr

Weight: 32kg


Along with its incredible power, as such it is supported with Quadruple coiled suspension in the BEXLY signature yellow, accompanied with a massive 160mm rotor with the smooth Nutt Hydraulic brakes pulling you up almost instantly. 


Key Features: Battery: 60V 21Ah, Brakes: Nutt Hydraulic, Weight: 32kg, Range: Up to 64kms, Motor: Dual 1400w Motors, Controllers: 2 x 30A (60V), Top Speed: Limited to 25KM/H (Private Use 75), Climb Angle: Up to 35 Degrees, Lights: 1000 Lumens (Dual LED Deck Lights), Max Rider Weight: 130kg, 12 month or up to 1000km manufacturer's warranty


*Range estimates on PEV's are based on average rider weight, flat terrain, and riding in the most economic mode at limited speed usually under 25km/h.  As more power is needed to climb hills or increase speed, range will be less


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